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Hello everyone Black Giorgio Tavecchio Jersey , and welcome to Divisional Round Sunday. This is the most critical day of the postseason yet for the purpose of Falcons fans, who are left with little to root for other than any team beating the Saints. Let that happen today. This is your open thread for the day, plus some detail on each matchup. Enjoy! Chargers @ Patriots, 1:05 p.m.This is one I’m looking forward to. The Patriots have been the AFC’s dynasty for close to two decades now, and arguably the most successful dynasty in NFL history. As a New England-based Falcons fans, that’s been pretty annoying.Those days may continue, but we’re reaching a tipping point. Tom Brady had another quality season, but is visibly not the same quarterback this season. Rob Gronkowski is falling apart in front of our eyes, and the Pats are more dependent on their ground game than they have been in years. They’re still one of the best and certainly most well-coached teams in the AFC, but they feel less inevitable this year than they have in a long time.Enter the Chargers, a fun team to root for. Phillip Rivers is another great quarterback nearing the end of his career, but he’s been chasing a ring that entire time and has never gotten one. The Chargers are loaded with interesting young talent, including an opportunistic secondary and fun passing attack, and are good enough to knock off the Patriots. I think that this is the year that New England’s age and cracks show Giorgio Tavecchio Jersey 2019 , and the Chargers advance to the AFC Championship Game.Prediction: Chargers 30, Patriots 21Eagles @ Saints, 4:40 p.m.The last time the Saints played the Eagles, they beat them 48-7 and put up over 500 yards of offense. That was the last great game New Orleans played on offense, however, and there are plenty of reasons to think the rematch won’t be nearly so lopsided.Start with the Eagles. Since losing to the Saints, they are 6-1 (including their last second triumph over the Bears), and have put together some genuinely impressive games on offense. They had to grind one out against the Bears, who have one of the league’s toughest defenses, but they smothered the offense and look much more capable of putting up real yards and points against the Saints this time. You never know when Nick Foles is going to see his pact with the devil wear off, but the Eagles are solid-to-very good across the board and remain a dangerous team.The Saints, meanwhile, are ringing all the alarm bells a top seed possibly can, and I say that as someone who has seen the Falcons disappoint as top seeds. The Saints have been fading on offense for weeks and weeks now Black Logan Paulsen Jersey , they have some quiet but fairly significant injuries that might at least limit top players, and they elected to rest their starters in Week 17, potentially leaving them to knock off some rust. They are, unfortunately, still the most complete team in the NFC and should be able to handle this one. I just hope they won’t, and I’ll jinx them now. Saints 27 – Eagles 24 Our writers debate whether the results of the fan poll match reality."There will be surprises in these polls as we roll along, no doubt, but there wasn’t one when we presented you with a lengthy poll covering the best first rounder in Falcons history.As of Thursday afternoon, Matt Ryan is running away with it, having pulled down 45% of the vote overall. Julio Jones is second with 28%, followed by Deion Sanders (14%), Tommy Nobis (4%), Steve Bartkowski (2%), and Claude Humphrey and Mike Kenn (1% each). There’s undoubtedly an element of recency bias here—Nobis was one of the great players of his era and Kenn is a Hall of Fame-caliber tackle—but I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the results. Now that they’re in Logan Paulsen Jersey 2019 , The Falcoholic team has a few thoughts on their own personal best ever picks in the first round, and whether you guys nailed it with your votes. Dave Choate - Matt RyanIt’s tempting to push hard for Kenn here, given that he’s got an astonishingly great career to fall back on and is snubbed far too often, but Ryan is still the obvious pick here. He’s led this team to one of their two Super Bowl berths and did virtually everything he could to get them over the hump in that game, he owns every franchise passing mark, and he’s still going strong at arguably the most important position on the football field. I’d push hard for Nobis and Kenn to be much closer to Julio Jones at #2, but you guys got this one.Kevin Knight - Matt RyanThese types of things are always going to suffer from recency bias, but I think Matt Ryan is the clear choice regardless. A league MVP and the best franchise QB the Falcons have ever seen—it’s simply impossible to beat that. If we’re talking pure talent, maybe I could hear an argument for Julio Jones or Deion Sanders. But at the end of the day, with positional value taken into account, Ryan is the clear choice.Adnan Ikic - Matt RyanEvery single name in that poll deserves to be praised, but Matt Ryan is the magnum opus of Falcons first rounders. The only Falcon to ever win the MVP award, he’s been the poster child of the greatest era in Atlanta Falcons history, and has re-written the franchise record books numerous times. Deion Sanders was fantastic Qadree Ollison Atlanta Falcons Jersey , but he didn’t have the longevity or franchise impact (having played for the Falcons for just five years) that Ryan has had (11 years and counting). I do think Tommy Nobis and Claude Humphrey deserve a little bit more of the vote, but I understand why things shook out the way they did, with not as many people having had the pleasure of watching them play (myself included).Cory Woodroof - Julio Jones Y’know, every round table needs a contrarian, so I’ll argue Jones was the best first-round pick. I think Matt Ryan is a stupendous franchise leader and a deserving pick for perhaps the best Atlanta Falcon ever, but I think “best first rounder” can be a flexible definition. Jones’ drafting, in and of itself, is the most interesting thing the Falcons have ever done at the NFL Draft in their 50-plus years of existence. Getting Julio here involved a dramatic trade-up for a superstar talent for a team that already had a top receiver in Roddy White. It was the surge of adrenaline a languished team needed to get close to a Super Bowl in 2012, and while we can debate how it affected the team’s draft capital in the years to come, getting the Jet in Atlanta was a masterpiece the team is likely never to replicate. Plus, if we’re really doing some comparisons, Jones might be the best talent of his generation, only bolstering the brilliance of moving up to get him. He’s my pick.

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