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There has been some debate on the overall performance from Josh Rosen in his rookie campaign.The reality is that playing quarterback is hard Adult Christian Kirk Jersey , maybe the hardest thing to do in any sports.So, when you rate Josh Rosen’s overall play you have to take into account how hard it is and where he stands amongst his peers.One thing we have seen Rosen struggle with is pressure.This season, Rosen is the third worst quarterback in terms of passer rating against the blitz.The names that are worse than him, that’s what really shines the light on how hard it is to play quarterback.That’s right, maybe the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, Tom Brady Limited Haason Reddick Jersey , is worse than Rosen against the blitz.That’s the entire reality of the position, playing quarterback is hard. Maybe that’s over simplifying the situation, but when it comes to quarterback, playing against the blitz and dealing with pressure this shows how much work goes into the position but also how hard it will be for Rosen to get to a high level.Rosen’s struggles with the blitz are something to expect as a rookie, they’re also compounded by the fact that the Cardinals offensive line resembles Swiss cheese, but there is hope for growth.There’s also the reality that being great against the blitz may never be consistent Haason Reddick Cardinals Jersey , and if he turns out like that Brady guy, no one will care. Will the Cardinals take Murray with the first pick one year after drafting Josh Rosen?"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Podcasts The Revenge of the Birds podcastBetting odds point towards Kyler Murray as first pickNew,126commentsWill the Cardinals take Murray with the first pick one year after drafting Josh Rosen?MSTShareTweetShareShareBetting odds point towards Kyler Murray as first pickBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsWe are still over a month away from the NFL Draft and the news and reports flying around could not be any crazier. It is sheer and utter chaos. A lot of that chaos revolves around the Arizona Cardinals and the #1 overall draft pick. Going into the offseason, Nick Bosa has been the heavy favorite to get drafted by the Cards to form a formidable pass rushing duo with Chandler Jones. But the tides have turned. FanDuel, a very popular sports betting site, now has Kyler Murray with the same exact odds of being taken first overall as Bosa. They are both a +110 in the FanDuel Sportsbook. The third closest player is Quinnen Williams at a distant +450. FanDuel also has Murray falling out of the top 6 at -500. Given that these line setters are rarely wrong (they make a ton of money for a reason) Elite Haason Reddick Jersey , it’s safe to say that Murray will likely be a top five pick. BetOnline.com, another sports gambling site, has Murray with even greater odds of being taken first overall. They have him at a -200, while Bosa is at a +150. Needless to say, they are all in on Murray to the Cards. That has shifted drastically over the past couple of weeks. On February 19th, they had Bosa as the heavy favorite at -200 and Murray was a +300. Everything right now is all conjecture and teams and agents are leaking info strategically Game Haason Reddick Jersey , trying to best position themselves for when the draft actually arrives. Nobody truly knows what is going to happen. Keep in mind, these are the odds of Murray being the first pick in the draft, not necessarily being the pick of the Cardinals. If the Cardinals trade the pick, it could be a different team that moved up to take Murray in that spot. But for now, if you are a betting person, it may be wise to get your bets in on Murray being the first player off the board.

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