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Every year T.J. Hockenson Jersey , fans love to play scout and figure out who the best draft pick for their team would be. You can't blame fans for getting crazy around draft time. After all, we always love to say Super Bowls aren't won in free agency, but rather on draft day. That makes it so crucial for teams to hit home runs on draft day.The Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII on the strength of their 2010 class that included picks like Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Russell Okung and Kam Chancellor. Their home runs continued, taking Richard Sherman in the fifth round in 2011 Jahlani Tavai Jersey , then Russell Wilson in the third round in 2012. That right there shows you how quickly solid drafts can turn you into a Super Bowl contender.When you have the first overall pick, it means you're all the way at the bottom. Whoever you pick is expected to be the building block to that eventual Super Bowl, but it doesn't always pan out that way. Sometimes there's a reason you see the same team picking high over and over again. The Colts were regularly picking first in the late 80s and early 90s, while the Browns have hovered in the top five of the draft for much of the past decade.The first overall pick is what we'll be concentrating on today. First overall picks can make or break your franchise, so it's crucial to get the pick right. As we know, that doesn't always happen. This list will be all about selecting first overall picks with the benefit of hindsight. We'll be going back to the draft years that had the worst first overall picks Will Harris Jersey , and selecting the player that should have gone first overall. If the stars had aligned this way, Tom Brady would be a Cleveland Brown, Emmitt Smith would be a Colt and Michael Irvin would be a Falcon. Huh? That's right, read on. Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone has some tips on how to beat the New England Patriots.

And not all of them are from Tom Coughlin.

Marrone received a folder Thursday filled with notes from first-graders at The Bolles School in Jacksonville.

The folder read, ”Dear Jags, Want to beat the Patriots? Here’s how: Advice from your (hash)1 fans in Bolles First Grade.”

Marrone held it up during his news conference and said Austin Bryant Jersey , ”I’ve got to get through this. This is from the Bolles first grade and this has the answers that maybe I’m looking for, maybe how we can stop the Patriots.”

He later added, ”We’re just taking as much advice as we can because we need it.”

The five-time Super Bowl champion Patriots (14-3) will host the Jaguars (12-6) in the AFC championship game Sunday.

Marrone jokes that it’s ”hard to believe how so many people have an opinion on how to beat the New England Patriots and no one’s really done that.”

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